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"I just want to Thank you for your excellent service and warm accepting voice. For me, changing my merchant account has been something I've put off until the last minute. I appreciate your help and patience."

~ Vicki Ashcroft, Curves

Credit Card Processing
for Curves Fitness Centers

"I've been using them for almost two years. The transition was smooth and customer service/tech support is excellent and responsive. My processing costs are less than my previous processor and less than manually processing credit cards myself. I Highly recommend EVO Merchant Services!"

~ Mindy Jenkins, Curves Westminster and Middeltown, MD
"I had previously used another credit card processing company with my Curves business; it was often cumbersome and I could only access it while in the club...I changed to EVO Merchant processing and I'm glad I did. It's easy to use and I can access the credit card processing system anywhere. EVO is great to work with, friendly and responsive when I need support. I highly recommend this company."

~ A Thornton, San Antonio, TX

  • Credit Card Processing for Curves Clubs:

    We're already processing credit cards for 1000's of neighboring clubs...Why not you? We specialize in Curves Fitness Centers so when you call on us, you’re not just a number! We offer friendly, knowledgeable, personal service and wholesale pricing. Our easy to use system is tailored specifically to meet the needs of Curves Clubs. Charge the initial enrollment fee and set the monthly membership dues to recur automatically each month all at the same time, from the same page! Access your entire history of payments in seconds and have your staff work with the best tech support in ANY industry. There is no expensive equipment to buy, no set up fees, and we never charge for technical support.

    * Automatic Monthly Recurring Billing          * Specializing in Curves Clubs
    * Wholesale Pricing                                       * No Set up Fees
    * Personal, Knowledgeable Service             * No Expensive Equipment to Buy

  • About Us:

    EVO Merchant Services affords you the buying power of the Major Retail Chains. With our Interchange Plus pricing, your business will enjoy the Absolute Best Rates Available for your credit card processing along with superior customer service that Curves Fitness Center Owners deserve. This type of program is usually reserved for only the Largest Retail Chains and Home Improvement Stores and is now being offered to you! EVO Merchant Services was chosen by Deposit Express as their Preferred Processor for credit card processing. Specializing in Curves Fitness Centers, Deposit Express offers recurring billing via checking accounts along with a Free Check Collection service.

    A quick explanation of Interchange Plus Pricing is available to read here.

    For superior service and savings on your credit card processing, call us today!
    EVO Merchant Services 1-866-460-0384!
EVO is a registered ISO and MSP of HSBC Bank, USA, National Association, Buffalo, NY
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